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Register your home or business for free and

up to 20% on energy

every month.

Photovoltaic modules solar power plant on dramatic sunset sky background,clean Alternative

Veins Energy allows you to

reduce costs

consuming clean energy,

Clean energy
Save without investment

online, quick and simple,

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without having to make works or investments.

100% digital
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Solve EVERYTHING through the app.

It's 100% digital.

Formhome or business

For your home, apartment or business.

Either owned or rented.

Check your savings
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see how much you

can save


current invoice

per month

per year

$ 200

$ 400

$ 1,000

$ 5,000

$ 20,000

$ 30

$ 360

$ 70

$ 840

$ 190

$ 2,280

$ 950

$ 11,400

$ 3,800

$ 45,600


No investments

No bureaucracy

No fidelity

No works

How it works?
Aerial view of Solar panel, photovoltaic, alternative electricity source - concept of sust

How does it work?

6) Veins connects its installation to a solar power plant

7) You start consuming clean energy


1) You download the app

2) You register the owner of the energy account

3) You add installations to receive the discount

4) Veins analyzes the account and proposes a discount

5) You accept the discount

10) You save up to 20% on your energy, without investing anything, every month!


8) Distributor sends you their invoice, with the energy injected by Veins

9) Veins sends you a discounted energy bill

O que os Consumidores falam da Veins
Veins Energia

O que os Consumidores falam da Veins

Still have doubts?

Speak directly with Veins

0800 642 4020

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