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Invest from $ 2,000 and

receive 1.5% fixed per month,

for as long as you want.

In the evening, when the solar panels.jpg

Veins Energia gives you the opportunity to

invest in real economy,

sustainability and environmental awareness,

Real economy
Investing coherently
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without having to settle for applications

Middle age grey-haired man wearing docto

on stocks, bonds and indices that don't make sense to you.

100% digital
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Solve EVERYTHING through the app.

It's 100% digital.

Low risk, high liquidity
Solar power plant. Man standing near sol

The plant itself as collateral.

Low risk.

Young cheerful attractive man in casual clothes posing isolated on blue background studio

High liquidity.

Redeem your capital whenever you want.

Check your income
Return on investment, growing savings or wage income concept. Coins and wooden person goin

see how much you

can receive

Net Income


a month

per annum

$ 2,000

$ 30

$ 360

$ 10,000

$ 150

$ 1,800

$ 50,000

$ 750

$ 9,000

$ 200,000

$ 3,000

$ 36,000

$ 1,000,000

$ 15,000

$ 180,000

monthly fixed income

With safety

with simplicity

with transparency

Greater than standard fixed investments

Monthly fixed income
How it works?

How does it work?

6) You sign the contract through the app

7) You make the application payment


8) In 30 days you start receiving the monthly income

1) You download the app

2) You register as an Investor

3) You select an investment round

4) You define the value and term of the application

5) Veins parses the request

9) At the end of the term, Veins returns 100% of the amount invested by you

10) You get 1.5% every month, and 100% of the amount at the end of the contract!

O que os investidores falam da Veins
Veins Energia

O que os investidores falam da Veins

Talk to Veins
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Still have doubts?

Speak directly with Veins

0800 642 4020

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